Sunday, December 21, 2008

Press Release: The Book of Mules

The following press release may be used with my permission in your publication:

Donna Campbell Smith newest release, The Book of Mules (Lyons Press 2008) has hit the bookstore shelves just in time for the holidays. Smith launched the book’s debut with a book signing at The Coffee Hound Bookshop in downtown Louisburg, North Carolina with the cover mule, Sadie Mae, in attendance. Many of the book signing’s visitors shared their memories of having a mule on the farm when they were young. Children were allowed to pet Sadie Mae and give her special mule treats provided by owner, Shannon Hoffman. Hoffman is on the board of directors of the Carolina Mule Association.

The book is a celebration of mules, those long-eared hybrids that helped carry pioneers west, till the tobacco and cotton fields of the South, and serve in the military throughout America history. Today, they are still working hard in fields, working as pack animals, as favorite mounts for trail riders and are still used in the military. In fact, any place you find horses you are likely to find a mule whether it is it is the show arena or in the back forty.

While not a mule owner herself Smith has been involved in the horse industry for over thirty years. She interviewed mule experts from all over the country in writing this, her third book for The Lyons Press. Most of the photography is also by the author with other pictures submitted by various organizations and individuals.

The Book of Mules covers the history and origin of the mule and the care, selection, breeding and showing of mules. One chapter is devoted to festivals held across the country that celebrate the mule, an honor unique to the hybrids of the equine world. A list of resources and glossary will help readers who are new to the world of mules extend their knowledge.

Donna writes from her home in Franklinton, North Carolina. She has worked in the horse industry for over thirty years as a trainer, instructor and breeder of Arabian horses. She has an AAS Degree in Equine Technology from Martin Community College, where she also took extended courses in art and composition. She is a certified riding instructor and served many years as a Master NC 4-H Horse Program Volunteer.

Smith wrote her first non-fiction book, The Book of Miniature Horses, published by The Lyons Press three years ago, collaborating with photographer Bruce Curtis of Long Island, New York. Next, Smith both wrote and photographed The Book of Draft Horses.
In addition, Smith has two children’s historical fiction novels in print with Faithful Publishing. Pale as the Moon and An Independent Spirit are set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and were inspired by the wild horses that have roamed free there for over 400 years. She also writes for several regional and national magazines including Our State, Carolina Country, Stable Management Magazine, USA Equestrian, Young Rider, The Chronicle of the Horse, Boys Life, and The Gaited Horse.

The Book of Mules retail 22.95
ISBN 978-1-59921-283-8
Published in 2008 by The Lyons Press, an imprint of The Globe Pequot Press