Saturday, October 3, 2009

Searching for the Marsh Tacky

Searching for the Marsh Tacky

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sadie Mae at the Book Signing

Triangle Horse Sport hosted a book signing for The Book of Mules last Sunday. Shannon Hoffman brought her mule, Sadie Mae. Sadie Mae is on the cover of The Book of Mules and has to be the most patient mule in the world. She stood quietly for four hours while folks petted, sat on her, and little kids were led around the parking lot on her. Her feet stayed planted to the pavement in between rides and the most she showed interest of anything going on around her was to turn her head, look and then ignore it – be it traffic or people milling around.

Shannon took the opportunity to educate listeners about mules. Her poster, “What Can’t you Do With A Mule?” created questions about the personality of mules. Shannon explained that it is probably the mule’s intelligence that keeps it out of trouble, and that usually translate into an equine less likely to get over excited than horses. Sadie Mae certainly seemed to demonstrate that to be true. You can read about Shannon and all her mule activities at

I am very thankful to Triangle Horse Sport for inviting me to sign books at their store, and for their gracious hospitality. You can still get a signed copy of The Book of Mules even if you missed the event. They have some extras on hand.