About Donna Campbell Smith

Donna Campbell Smith grew up just a few miles inland from North Carolina’s Outer Banks.  She dreamed of having a horse when she was a little girl, and wasn’t aware that wild horses roamed free on some of the coastal islands that she loved to visit with her parents on their numerous fishing trips.  Donna grew up, and became a professional in the horse industry as an instructor, breeder and trainer. When she wrote her historical novels for young readers: Pale as the Moon and An Independent Spirit, she relied on her thirty years of experience with horses and children and her lifetime fascination with the history of the Outer Banks.
In addition to her children’s novels Donna has three non-fiction books published with The Lyons Press: The Book of Miniature Horses, The Book of Draft Horses, and The Book of Mules.
She has written for several print and online publications including Grit Magazine, Back Home Magazine, The Horse, Stable Management Magazine, Western Mule, The Brayer, USA Equestrian, Young Rider, The Chronicle of the Horse, Boys Life, The Gaited Horse, Our State, Carolina Country and Conquistador. You can find over 100 articles by Donna at http://hubpages.com/profile/DonnaCSmith about horses, North Carolina, writing, reviews, travel and even recipes.
Donna Campbell Smith has an AAS Degree in Equine Technology from Martin Community College, where she also took extended courses in art and composition.  She is a certified riding instructor and served many years as a Master NC 4-H Horse Program Volunteer. Donna retired from teaching and training horses in 2008. She now works as a customer service moderator for Justanswer.com, is working on another historical novel for young readers as well as an adult novel. She is a member of Franklin County Arts Council and their writers guild, the North Carolina Writers Network and Second Cup of Coffee Writers Group.