Friday, November 28, 2008

Got My Comp Copies of The Book of Mules

My comp copies of The Book of Mules were delivered by the Fed Ex guy yesterday just in time – I was backing out of my driveway when he came up the lane.

The Book of Mules, what that all about?” Ronald asked as he came up the walk laden with two big heavy boxes.

“Well, I am a writer, I wrote The Book of Mules and those are my comp copies. You want to see them?” I invited as he brought the boxes into the living room. I cut the tape open with my car key, which was still in my hand.

“Yes!” Ronald said. He thumbed through the pages and began to tell me about mules he’d known in his life. He told me in his home county, when he was growing up, folks used mules for tobacco farming.

I invited Ronald to my book signing. He delivers packages to The Coffee Hound Bookshop, where I’ll be launching The Book of Mules. Sadie Mae, whose photograph is on the book cover, will be coming to this book signing. I am excited. I know she’ll be a big hit.

So, Ronald the FedEx guy was first to see my new release. Later, I took a copy downtown to show Millie Cannon, owner of The Coffee Hound. We discussed how new books smell good.

My next trip was that evening to deliver books and sale sheets to Shannon Hoffman, owner of Sadie Mae and two other mules whose photographs I took. Shannon was an immense help to me in my research in writing The Book of Mules. She loaned me her entire library of mule books, gave of her time so I could take pictures of her mules, and provided encouragement and friendship. I don’t know how I could have met my deadline without her.

Contrary to popular belief, writers do not make very much money. It’s the perks that keep us going. I suppose we writers are rather egocentric because we love knowing people read what we write. My perks also include the friends I’ve made through interviews and photography sessions, book store owners, editors, fellow writers and, of course, my readers. Money is good; don’t get me wrong. But, if it were not for these people I have met in the process writing would be just another job, a very lonely job.

I am fortunate to have a writing niche -- horses. Horses have been a major part of my life for over thirty years. Now that I am entering my “golden” years I no longer run a barn or ride, so my writing help keep me involved in the horse industry vicariously. It is like having grand children that I can love and then hand back over to their Mamas; I can meet all these really neat equines, but I don’t have to shovel their poop and lift their hay bales.

The Book of Mules is my third non-fiction book, but the first one to feature my photos in full color. The design team did a wonderful job putting it all together so it is a very attractive book. It helps to have the one and only, beautiful Sadie Mae on the cover. Sadie captured my heart from day one when I went to Shannon’s farm to photograph her mules. I hope Shiloh and Seven’s feelings were not hurt that I used the most film on Sadie. I have been promised a mule ride, and these old bones might ache a while after, but I am looking forward to it.

You can buy your copy of The Book of Mules anywhere books are sold. If they haven’t stocked it yet give them the following information and they can order it. You can also order it online from or one of the online bookstores like

The Book of Mules
Publisher – The Lyons Press
ISBN 978-1-59921-283-8
Retail $22.95

And while you are ordering you might also want to consider my other two titles with The Lyons Press: The Book of Draft Horses and The Book of Miniature Horses.

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