Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Donkey Day

I had a blast writing The Book of Donkeys. It is because of the folks I met in the process who helped me with their knowledge, their contacts, interviews, and photo shoots. They gave of their time generously to help me gather the stories, the facts, and the pictures which have finally become The Book of Donkeys.

The fun didn’t stop when I finished writing. Thanks to Shannon Hoffman, who hosted Donkey Day and my official book launch, the fun got even better. Someone recommended Shannon to me as when I first began work on The Book of Mules as the go-to expert on mules in our region. I am so glad I followed up on that tip. Shannon Hoffman has been much more than a resource person, she has become a friend. Not only has she allowed me to take up her time visiting at her St. Clair Red Mule Farm, answering my questions and letting me photograph her critters, she has introduced me to many more mule and donkey owners. This led to more friends, both two and four legged.

Shannon has also be a valuable help in promoting those two books. She and her cover mule, Sadie Mae, attended many of my book events. Sadie even signed along with me as Shannon had a rubber stamp of a hoof print and Sadie’s name made just so folks could have Sadie’s mark in The Book of Mules.

A class on donkey management
 Audie Murphy, who is the cover donkey of The Book of Donkeys and owned by Shannon’s friend Aimee Mitchell, was at Donkey Day basking in his glory as top model, along with other donkeys whose pictures you’ll find in the book. There was riding demos, a farrier demo, free food, and a coloring contest for the kids and the grownups. We estimate about one hundred people came to Donkey Day and learned all about donkeys. Meanwhile, I had the most fun ever signing books!
Carrot for Jolene

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