Friday, June 9, 2017

Puddin' Tain Revived

I’ve written about Puddin’ Tain before. She was one of those ‘worth-her-weight-in-gold ponies. She wasn’t as pretty as some ponies I’ve owned, but on the scale of “pretty is-pretty does” she scored a 10.

The first book I ever wrote was about Puddin’. But, I never submitted it to a publisher. The reason was I’d read some advice in the 1990s on not using anthropomorphic animals in stories because it was old fashioned and editors didn’t like those talking critters.
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So, the little book stayed in the bowels of my computer files for years. Then self-publishing got easy and affordable via Create Space and other venues. So, out came Puddin’ Tain. I polished her story up and painted some illustrations. I published Puddin’ Tain, thinking my former students who knew her would get a kick out of the book. We had a little book party and reminisced about Puddin’ and those bygone days when I lived in Plymouth and they rode at my riding stable. Those “kids” are grown now with children of their own. I have had the pleasure of going to a couple of horses shows where I stood at the rail watching children of children I taught ring in the show ring. Wow, talk about feeling my age! But, it was fun and brought back many sweet memories.

Well, I just re-published Puddin’ Tain in color. An artist friend came over to my studio to talk about some illustrated children’s books she wanted to publish in color. After researching with her and seeing that it has gotten less expensive to do, I decided to give Pudding new life in full color! So, with a new cover, size and eleven full pictures my chapter book has been re-released and is available on Amazon. It is a fun chapter book for young readers, ideally for first through third graders. But, I think even older “horse-crazy” kids will like it.

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