Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Four Days at the 2017 NC State 4-H Show

I spent four grueling, hot and dusty days last week at the North Carolina State 4-H Championship Horse Show. I had it easy – I was a vendor. I was inside the main arena and I had a fan and a chair. A couple of hundred 4-Her, their leaders and family were working hard showing their horses and sweating!

My daughter 1980 and Granddaughter 1997
Last week brought back fond memories of all the years I was a 4-H Horse Club leader, show mom and then grand-mom. My daughter’s first 4-H horse show was about 1980, in Dorton Arena since it before the Hunt Horse Complex was built. In 1997 my granddaughter rode in her first State 4-H horse show. As a 4-H leader I brought a lot of kids and horses to the NC 4-H Championship horse show. We sweated, slept in tack stalls, and worked sunup till sundown caring for the horses, schooling and showing the horses. We complained about the heat, but it didn’t stop us. And sometimes were brought home ribbons – and once or twice someone from our group even won a division championship.

I’m retired from working with horses and riders. Now I write about horses. I must be honest, I am not missing the work involved, so much as I miss the children. Having kids stop by my booth on their way from one place to another all day was lots of fun for me. Many stopped to look at my books and sign my email list – and to take a free treat back to their horses. Several had already read some of my books.

“Oh, I read this in fourth grade!” one teenager exclaimed. She was from the western part of the state. It was nice to know Pale as the Moon had found its way into a school library that far from home. Some others said they’d used my non-fiction books to study for horse quiz bowl. Through my books I am still involved in the 4-H Horse Program in a small way.

I am proud of the North Carolina 4-H Horse Program. It is top notch! And if you have a child that loves horses please call your county extension agent to find out how he or she can join a 4-H Horse Club. Kids don’t have to own a horse to join. There are many ways they can learn and participate without being a horse owner. Go to this website to learn all about the NC 4-H Horse Program. https://equinehusbandry.ces.ncsu.edu/equinehusbandry-nc-4-h-horse-program/

Thank you everyone who stopped to speak to me at my “Books by Donna Campbell Smith” booth – an extra thanks to those who bought books! Check my website from time to time to seen what I am doing www.donnacampbellsmith.com or find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DonnaCampbellSmithBooks. Congratulations on your success. It was a big deal just qualifying to be at the State Championships. Kudos if you brought home a ribbon, and most of all kudos for putting your horses first and for being kind to one another. The world needs more of you!

I spent some time practicing action shots

That's me!

Two young friends pose in front of my poster

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